Landscaping Products

Make your next stone and landscaping project the envy of your neighbours with the exceptional service and vast landscaping product line found only at StonePlace.

Avid landscapers in Southwestern Ontario turn to the experts at StonePlace for their extensive knowledge, skill and expertise and ability to provide guidance and advice on a number of different landscaping questions.  With locations in Kitchener and Cambridge and London and as members of Landscape Ontario and backed by the Better Business Bureau, StonePlace is a premier landscape and natural stone supply depot with a solid reputation for offering great stone products, landscape lighting accessories, bulk mulch supplies and soil, all at affordable prices.

Quality Landscaping and Stone Products

Not sure where to start?  The StonePlace team is ready to help you create the space of your dreams and are here to help you choose the very best in landscaping and stone products.  Whether you are a professional landscape architect, an avid gardener, or someone who just sees an empty space, look no further than StonePlace for the stone and landscape products you need to make your outdoor living space a thing of beauty.

StonePlace is your first choice in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Ontario for natural stone supplies, landscape products, aggregates supplies, mulch supplies and interlocking stone supplies.  From stone products such as steps and slabs and retaining walls, to decorative aggregates, to garden tools and landscaping equipment, StonePlace has it all.

Landscaping and Stone Products

StonePlace is proud to be the area’s leading supplier of quality landscaping products as well as industry-leading stone products for your next landscaping projects. We carry everything you need to beautify your outdoor living space, including:

Landscaping Products at StonePlace:

  • Patio Stones and Concrete Products from StonePlace

    Patio Stones

    Stone Place carries the area's largest selection of stone products such as patio stones, interlocking bricks and pavers in a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. All from Canada’s top landscaping brands.

  • Landscaping Soils, Mulches and Aggregates in Kitchener and Cambridge, ON

    Landscape Installation Products

    From landscaping sands and patio stone installation material and products, we carry industry-trusted landscaping installation products to complete your landscaping project.

  • Ox Diamond Blades for Landscaping Tools

    Landscaping Tools

    StonePlace has all the tools you need for a seamless landscaping project, including landscaping hand tools, blades, landscaping lifting equipment and more.

  • Landscape Masonry and Veneers in Kitchener and Cambridge ON

    Stone Veneers & Masonry

    Our selection of stone products such as stone veneers and masonry are second to none and StonePlace is proud to carry the very best in landscaping products from top stone and masonry brands.

  • Landscaping and Railing Products in Kitchener and Cambridge

    Artificial Turf Products

    We carry a selection of high-quality artificial turf products for unique landscaping projects. Trusted by leading landscaping professionals that look just like the real thing.

  • Natural Landscaping Stones in Kitchener and Cambridge, ON

    Natural Landscaping Stone

    StonePlace carries a large selection of natural landscaping stones as well as the industry-trusted products used for installation.

  • Soils, Mulches and Aggregates for Landscaping

    Soils, Mulches and Aggregates

    We carry a wide range of soils, mulch products and aggregates used for landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

  • Outdoor Living Products in Kitchener and Cambridge

    Outdoor Living Products

    From outdoor lighting, warming trends and modular outdoor living products, StonePlace has an extensive selection of outdoor living landscaping products to warm up your outdoor space.

  • Landscaping Clearance and Specials

    Landscaping Supply Specials

    Save big on leading landscaping supplies and products at StonePlace – browse the latest in landscaping supply specials.